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17. Aug. 16
Profiledescriptions, Vita, Publications and Workfunctions can be translated in english.
29. Jan. 16
For Vita Entries you can now define a time range as well as a point of time.
9. Nov. 15
Added translations for the selfcare area. Now the prefix path for an area can be selected in the administration of the area contactdata.
Okt. 7th 15
Improved Admin Navigation and Views. Now the order of Workfunctions and Contactdata sets can be moderated by admins, too.
Sep. 21th 15
Added Profile Descriptions Feature. Now Profile Descriptions, Vita Entries and Publication Entries can be formatted by a Rich Text Editor. A new field "Homepage (Extern)" is available in the contactdata form for workfunctions. Some Bug fixes.
Aug. 3rd 15
Sorting for workfunctions and Contactdata sets is now available.
Jun. 22th 15
Some special chars (E.g.: .,:-_) are now allowed in the title for vita and publications entries. Global and area-based search functionality for admins only.
Apr. 27th 15
If you have multiple forenames, you can now select your Display under "Person Data".
Apr. 1st 15
Added Functionrole for workfunctions. Logging for changes on your data. Contactdata sets can be linked with multiple workfunctions.
Sep. 30th 14
The field "Function" in the workfunction form is not required anymore.
Sep. 9th 14
Added Feature Publication List. Publications can be managed under "Edit my Data" > "List of Publications".